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References've been updated!

With big building sites. e.g. New Childrens Hospital, Helsinki, and reformation of our production, year 2018 have been busy.
And the star of year 2019 looks the same; together with smaller sites, e.g. hospitals, healt care centers and sheltered housing centers, we'll deliver our windows and doors for example to two big new hospitals in Finland; Carea in Kotka and Central Hospital, Kajaani.
But, list of references is now valid with bigger references to the end of January, and will be updated in regular bases in the future; Welcome!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you to all of You for co-operation during year 2017,
we wish You all peacefull Christmas time and
success for year 2018!

Best Regards; Kenset Oy

Kenset Ltd winterholiday
23.12.2016 - 01.01.2017

Kenset Ltd will be closed during 23.12.2016 - 1.1.2017, under that time our factory will be wholy closed.

The Entrepreneur of Orimattila area in the year 2016 !

Long-term work with Kenset 2000FR productfamily has now been rewarded;
Kenset Ltd rewarded as the Entrepreneur of Orimattila area in year 2016 !

We want to tank all our customers and our co-operators, who has also been involved and make this all possible !

Hermetic slidingdoor has been tested successfully !

KENSET 2000FR -productfamily is growing;
partitioning, sound-insulating Kenset Ltd slidingdoor will be delivered also hermetically !

During the officiel tests in 3-4.02.2016 both the closed- and glassopening slidingdoors got the best hermetic values.

Now can we offer decision on type approval slidingdoors to our customers equipped with many kinds of features; fire limiting, sound-insulating, hermetic slidingdoors -- made of wood and glass !

We will move to new factory !
20.04.2015 - 01.05.2015

Kenset Ltd will move to a new factory in Orimattila during week 17-18 ( 20.04-01.05.2015 ), the address: Viljamaantie 2, 16300 Orimattila.

New exhibition has been opened at Vallilan Akseli, Helsinki !

You can see Kenset 2000 FR- products beginning from 10.3.2014 at Vallila Akseli
Consulting Ltd, Lemuntie 3-5, 00510 Helsinki.
Wellcome to familiarize yourself with our products !

Do not hesitate to contact us and arrange the presentation or arrange a meeting
Markku Virtanen phone: 358 400496 301
email: markku.virtanen(at),
Esa Paasonen phone: 35850 595 2105
email: esa.paasonen(at)

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