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23.12.2016 - 01.01.2017

Kenset Oy

If You need reliable deliverer – You have come to right place - Kenset Oy. We offer windows, walls and doors with wooden frames.

Kenset Oy has specially oriented in structural fire protection. Our products; firewindows, firewall elements and firedoors, made of wood or / and FR glass. Dispatches and products are tailored specially according to our customer`s needs and on the same time taken care of the officiel regulations.

Decision on type approval products, fire limiting, KENSET 2000FR elements give You free space to design partition with different kinds of forms and surfaces.

It is possible to get compact appearance and include there : special glasselements, such as leadglass / electricalglass- and sound-insulating elements or sandblast / painted elements of partitioning of a piece of real estate.

Do not hesitate to contact us, let's do it of wood and glass!
”`Product development is one of the main targets at our operation”

Hello! We are Lilja and Markku Virtanen, from Orimattila, Finland.

When Markku in the beginning of 2000 century was asked ``Is it possible to manufacture fire resistant partitioning walls with glass and wooden frames ? The answer was ´´Of course it is!´´ And from that moment it all begun, our business and product development.

Our aiming point in our products and in our operation is linearity ; do it only once, do it right and safely. It is our and our customer`s advantage!

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